We are proud to announce the establishment of CryptoBlades as not only a popular DeFi Game in the world of blockchain gaming, but also the most played game on the Binance Smart Chain. For those who are unfamiliar, CryptoBlades is web-based and allows players to utilize powerful weapons to defeat opponents and collect tokens to continue upgrading their characters. Our vision is to help gamers regain control of their digital assets and broaden the use of the blockchain. Many have gotten onboard with this vision and as a result, we have seen a history of growth.

Investors continue to remain…

HECO Mainnet is now live for CryptoBlades! Learn how to bridge crypto from BSC to HECO below!

The CryptoBlades team has been working with the ButterSwap Decentralized Exchange to provide bridging services, liquidity provision, farming (soon to go live), NFT offerings and more. They are an energetic and committed team who has helped us every step of the way.

To utilize ButterSwap to bridge tokens to HECO, we have provided the following instructions. Note, this tutorial assumes you already have a metamask or equivalent wallet.

Incubated by Seedify and developed by the Cryptoblades Team, Cryptoblades Kingdoms (CBK) is a metamorphosis of the current Cryptoblades game into an exciting strategy-based land building MMORPG metaverse. Cryptoblades Kingdoms dares to push the limits of what one might imagine a blockchain game can be.

The Cryptoblades Kingdoms Metaverse

The Cryptoblades Kingdoms metaverse will feature lands, buildings and guilds, new gameplay modes, like raid mechanisms, PvP, PvE and dungeons, which will create an immersive gaming experience that both blockchain gamers and non-blockchain gamers will want to dive into.

Existing on a 1000 x 1000 grid map, CBK will feature different…

CryptoBlades Kingdoms KING token raises $4,000,000 in seed funding leading up to IDO this month

Over the past 6 weeks, our CryptoBlades Kingdoms 👑 team has been cultivating new partnerships with a number of DAOs, LaunchPads, and Crypto Funds to put together a fantastic IDO and Initial Land Sale. The following groups' founders and CEOs have made available their marketing teams, development teams, strategic partnerships, and their token investments to help make the full vision of CryptoBlades Kingdoms a reality:

Tenzor Capital
BSC News
Matrix Ventures
Gains Ventures
Oracles Investment Group
Master Ventures
DCI Capital
Animoca Brands
GD10 Ventures
RD Labs

The Team Behind the DeGame of 2021

CryptoBlades, and the team behind the project, are truly unique players within the crypto-space. Before we go into the marketplace metrics behind this company, let’s first understand who’s behind it.

The owner, Philip Devine, is the CEO of Riveted Games, whose video games are revered by expert gamers all around the globe and have been the recipient of a multitude of awards from the highly popular game-hosting platform, Steam.

If that wasn’t enough, we have Kyle Kemp who has been accredited as the savant of Front-end Development, currently holding a 0.01 percentile on the most globally popular code development website…

We are happy to announce the DUST system is LIVE.

— Dust is a brand new currency to inside the CryptoBlades universe.
— It has a variety of uses mainly in the form of reforging and upgrading your current weapons and equipment.
— To gain dust you will have to break down your old unused weapons.

— 1 to 3 star weapons are going to gain you “Lesser” Dust.
— 4 stars “Greater” Dust.
— Last but not least. 5 stars is going to create “Powerful” Dust.

— You can keep track of all the dust you have obtained in…

A new set of NFTs is live and purchasable right now on the CryptoBlades Marketplace!

The Legendary Defender
This shield will have a different ability compared to the Founders Edition.

Special Ability
- Players can spend "Souls" (chance to obtain when defeating a player in PVP or can be bought in Skill Shop) to re-roll the base trait of the shield.

There is a limited supply of 15.000 shields.

The price of the shield will be 3 SKILL.

Prepare for PvP today with your new Legendary Defender!

We have some amazing news to share with you on this fine day!

As discussed earlier on the stream we will be releasing a new set of items that can be widely used on our up and coming Player Vs. Player feature.

These will be in the form of SHIELDS!

  • Shields are an optional item that will help you defend yourself from incoming attacks in the Arena. 🛡️ ⚔️
  • Various ratings will determine what the stats are on the shields. Just like weapons these can go from ⭐ to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The stats available on the shields are as following:

  • DEF…

Since launching on May 31st and entering into the Binance MVB II Competition, CryptoBlades has quickly risen to the top of the leaderboards in transaction volume, one of the key components of the MVB II Competition, for which the top prize is listing consideration by Binance.

#1 Trending on CoinGecko #1 30D Gainer in Trending on CoinMarketCap. CryptoBlades SKILL Token is SLASHING The Competition!


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