Announcing CryptoBlades Kingdoms: Brought to You by The Creators of the 200x Project CryptoBlades

6 min readSep 11, 2021


The Team Behind the DeGame of 2021

CryptoBlades, and the team behind the project, are truly unique players within the crypto-space. Before we go into the marketplace metrics behind this company, let’s first understand who’s behind it.

The owner, Philip Devine, is the CEO of Riveted Games, whose video games are revered by expert gamers all around the globe and have been the recipient of a multitude of awards from the highly popular game-hosting platform, Steam.

If that wasn’t enough, we have Kyle Kemp who has been accredited as the savant of Front-end Development, currently holding a 0.01 percentile on the most globally popular code development website, Github. Simply put, he’s one of the most renowned game UI developers in the entire world.

It is important to understand these gentlemen’s backgrounds, as it provides justification for the marketplace’s response to their first installment of the CryptoBlades series.

DeGame’s Quality Matches Marketplace Metrics

CryptoBlades RPG, which first launched on May 31st, arguably initiated the DeGaming Bull Run that we are all experiencing to this day. Within a 1-week period following the launch, CryptoBlades skyrocketed 178x from their initial IDO price.

Within a week after this price pump, CryptoBlades balanced out from the initial marketplace hype with an incredibly healthy 40–50x return for investors, which it is now maintaining whilst slowly rising over time with an increasing user base being onboarded on a daily basis.

CryptoBlades Bypasses Common Limitations Within Crypto’s Marketplace

It is important to note that CryptoBlades’ success embodies a rarity in the crypto-industry; One that is usually mutually exclusive from one another. The rarities derive from having a successful launch, as evidenced from the 178x marketplace evaluation, and a healthy stabilization post-launch, as evidenced from 40–50x sideways consolidation.

These two feats of achievements symbolize that CryptoBlades has an immensely high degree of community and institutional backing, but also that the game itself is of high quality and allows true in-game usability for both sheer enjoyment and to make real-world money through Play-to-Earn mechanics.

What Web 3.0 DeGames Must Embody to Succeed in 2021/2022

These attributes are important, as experts within the DeGaming sector have agreed upon certain characteristics that every DeGame should have, to be successful both in the short-term, but especially in the mid-to-long term.

It boils down to this: A DeGame must be enticing to play, have social involvement incentivized into the gameplay, PVP and PVE mechanics that interrelate to one another, and profitable Play-to-Earn mechanics.

Mission Success; Round Two is Upon Us

I’m very excited to announce that the CryptoBlades team has nearly completed their second installation to the CryptoBlades series: CryptoBlades Kingdoms (CBK).

Through DeGaming experts auditing the validity of the gaming code, in-game Play-to-Earn mechanics, enticement index of gameplay for the average video gamer, amongst other critical variables, CBK’s launch is expected to make serious waves in the marketplace. In line with this, CBK’s launch may very well replicate or even potentially bypass its former game launch that occurred only 3 months ago, due to its already established community backing.

Now, let’s dive into what the world of CBK will encompass, and what players should expect when traversing through these expansive lands.

The World Of CryptoBlades Kingdoms: DeGaming and Play-to-Earn Reimagined

Acting as a strategy-based land building MMORPG with fully compatible cooperative combat and guild creations, CBK is pushing the envelope on the complexity a video game can have whilst providing fair Play-to-Earn mechanics.

Build Your Village, Then Start Your Own Adventure

When one starts their adventure, a village of their own is automatically created within a randomized chunk/region of land within CBK. You are tasked to build up your village by obtaining resources, pillaging other villages through in-depth PVP combat, venturing through treacherous dungeons with friends through meticulously designed PVE cooperative combat, as well as a whole host of other complex customizations and sandbox game mechanics that one would expect in a game made from a team of this caliber!

In-Game Strategy Dictates Play-to-Earn

While the extensive amount of individual components that makeup this game world will be explained throughout the entirety of this article series, let’s get right into how CBK is trailblazing forward with enhancing Play-to-Earn profitability margins. This profitability enhancement is by allowing players to leverage their strategic skill set within video games to increase their probability of winning rewards within CBK.

This is best illustrated when attacking another player’s village.

Combat strategy needs to be well thought out, as certains elements embodied by heroes and equipment are advantageous/susceptible to each other, so intricate analysis of opposing village’s stats must be considered before attacking. Therefore, by inputting a large degree of importance on thoughtful combat application to obtain the full monetary potential of Play-to-Earn, CBK is able to deal out proportionally higher amounts of profits to those who decide to learn the game well.

These high profit margins derive from essentially concentrating the reward allocations to those who actively consider the game mechanics and undergo combat as such, versus DeGames that deal out low-moderate profits regardless of game performance.

The best part of CBK is its in-depth cooperative DeGame mechanics; Acting as the first of its kind within the DeGaming industry.

Cooperative Opportunities Within CryptoBlades Kingdoms is Simply Unmatched

Any player can create/join guilds where, like other MMORPGs, long-standing friendships and collective teams can be built. There are innumerous incentives for being part of a helpful guild, such as co-op dungeon raids, supporting your village when being attacked, having someone trustworthy to take over your village if you have to take time off (babysitting), as well as Guild Quests that net inordinately high Play-to-Earn profit margins, so as to incentivize group collaborations in-game.

The DeGaming Revolution is Just Around the Corner

With these advanced land building mechanics, strategy-mediated combat allowing amplification of normal Play-to-Earn winnings, and social incentivization through Guild creation and Quests, CBK is perfectly positioned to become the most highly valued DeGame of 2021–2022. This value is critical as it comes with a high player-base, which provides regular monetary input, through pseudo-staking mechanics and in-game purchases, that will ensure the highest Play-to-Earn profitability margins that’s available within DeGaming. The following month, nearing CBK’s launch, is truly one of eager anticipation.

Let us ready our arms for the astronomical heights CryptoBlades Kingdoms and their loyal community is trailblazing forward for the DeGaming industry.

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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!