CryptoBlades Anniversary: 365 Reasons Why You Should be Invested in CryptoBlades


While the SKILL token Anniversary was on April 11th, tomorrow will officially mark the 365th day since the CryptoBlades game was released! First, we want to take this opportunity to thank every person that is a part of this exceptional group of over 500,000 members that play and support our projects like no other community or game in the world! We couldn’t be happier to share this day and celebrate with you! We have unbelievable plans in store that we cannot wait to share.

How it Started

From the beginning, CryptoBlades had a buzzing community. In late June 2021, play-to-earn gaming was ramping up, and people were ready for the next project. As CryptoBlades began to grow, building its foundation and redeveloping core game mechanics were a priority. The option for 200 stamina fights instead of 40, reforging, and the in-game market were all game-changing features. At that point, CryptoBlades Discord was nearing 3000 members.

The Rise

The SKILL run of July was, for a moment, the talk of crypto. CryptoBlades was named in an article by Forbes magazine, alongside it was and is still being talked about by many big-time projects and exchanges. Enjin, one of if not the top block-chain gaming projects in crypto, is a recently acquired partner that will be utilizing CryptoBlades’ NFT bridging solution, and CryptoBlades will be building on their platform. It is yet another chain that CryptoBlades will launch on in the future. Similarly, exchanges have been interested in SKILL as further utility and trading volume are imminent.

The Challenge

Of course, no glory comes without hardships and learning curves. As fear increases in the market, it’s been hard to watch its effect on NFTs and play-to-earn gaming. NFTs and subcategories of cryptocurrency move with Bitcoin and the traditional market, except many times, it can move much more volatile. To avoid a collapse, CryptoBlades employed various marketing campaigns and development strategies that led to an over 700% increase in daily active users in just five months.


To begin building from the lows of November, CryptoBlades developed The Knighthood Program to help improve sustainability and deliver a service that is nearly a launchpad of its own. It’s designed to support project growth by exposing them to the massive CryptoBlades community and all of the communities/partners we are connected to. This service alone has provided over half a million dollars in rewards for our players.



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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!