CryptoBlades Birthday Week Itinerary: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome, everyone, to the start of CryptoBlades’ Birthday Week celebration! As a lead-up to our official anniversary on June 1st, we have many events and fun activities planned. You can find our introduction article on Medium here. We have the finalized roadmap and plan for the week in place, but you had better not think you know it all! We have a special announcement in the middle of our Birthday Week and a jaw-dropping, jam-packed final day. It is great to be a CryptoBlader!

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Today’s Events and Announcements

As of today, our week of events has begun!

Double XP is live across all chains! All successful combat fights reward double XP all week long! So now is the perfect time to level up!

IGO Funds begin! All players receive IGO SKILL on top of their unclaimed rewards for bonus in-game use!

Free-for-All PvP Tournament: More details later today!

Official Calendar

Thursday, May 26th

  • Double XP for the ENTIRE week is enabled.
  • IGO for the ENTIRE week is enabled.
  • PvP Tournament Announcement

Friday, May 27th

  • Double XP
  • PvP Tournament Day 1(500 Skill in starting Pot)
  • Bridging fee off
  • SKILL Shop Discount
  • CryptoBlades Anniversary Special Weapon
  • Kroge Livestream

Saturday, May 28th

  • Bridging fee off
  • PvP Tournament Day 2 (500 Skill in starting Pot)
  • Kroge Livestream
  • Discord Nations Event

Sunday, May 29th

  • Double XP
  • Dust x3, Souls x1.5
  • PvP Tournament Ends
  • Bridging fee off

Monday, May 30th

  • Double XP
  • Dust x3, Souls x1.5
  • Bridging fee off
  • Special Announcement

Tuesday, May 31st

  • Double XP
  • Dust x3, Souls x1.5
  • Bridging fee off

Wednesday, June 1st

  • It’s our Anniversary!
  • Triple XP
  • Dust x3, Souls x1.5
  • NEW Feature Launch
  • Skill Buyback Livestream
  • Burn Discoun Bridging Fees off

Let the Fun Begin!

We couldn’t be more excited to embark on this week of fun and celebration with all of you. For more information or help with anything CryptoBlades-related, please join our discord or telegram for direct communication with our team and expert gamers. Our community is growing significantly, and we would like to have you be a part of it!

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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!