CryptoBlades Continues Rise To The Top

Since launching on May 31st and entering into the Binance MVB II Competition, CryptoBlades has quickly risen to the top of the leaderboards in transaction volume, one of the key components of the MVB II Competition, for which the top prize is listing consideration by Binance.


To Celebrate we will be increasing player signup bonus to 1 SKILL AND enabling the Double Reforge Bonus Event So get those blades used up! NOTE That prior to this, Mints will be increased 30%. Reforges will remain the same and will be increased by 30% When the event ends. The event will run for 1 week!

Not only that, as of July 21st 2021, CryptoBlades toppled PancakeSwap, which was previously the most active blockchain dApp in the world. As of today, CryptoBlades is the most utilized blockchain game in the world.

Paying out over $3,000,000 per day to players, it’s become a global phenomenon, offering income to players from around the world through the power of blockchain.

For details on the Binance MVB Competition See Below!

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