CryptoBlades Free-for-All PvP Tournament: $1,100 Bonus Prize

CryptoBlades Free-for-All PvP is here! In this mode, the same PvP formula we used prior is still in effect — depending on the challenge of your fight, you receive a significant number of rank points. It is essential to balance the chances for all players, no matter their equipment, to have a fair shot at the leaderboards. Additionally, in Free-for-All, your character level DOES NOT matter. In terms of power, everything comes from your sword and (optional) shield.

That means, new player or veteran, high-level gear or low, anyone can top the leaderboards to win a heafty prize!

At 8:30 AM ET, our CEO Philip Devine will live stream

The OEC CryptoBlade’s Free-for-All Tournament will start on Friday, May 27th, at 9:30 AM ET and continue through Sunday, May 29th at 9:30 AM ET. All SKILL bridging fees are off, helping everyone jump onto OEC network for this tournament. In addition, discounts, bonuses, and IGO are available on OEC to enjoy!

Connect wallet to OEC: CryptoBlades on OEC

How-to-Play on OEC: CryptoBlades YouTube

How-to-PvP: CryptoBlades YouTube

Buy PvP Equipment: Bazaar NFT Marketplace

Join Tournament: PvP on OEC

In PvP, players wager versus one another before battling. 1 SKILL will be the total wager per arena entrance in this Free-for-All tournament. Each duel will cost .2 SKILL. The winner takes 85% for themselves, and 15% goes into CryptoBlades’ rewards pools — half of that going to the PvP prize pool. As players battle throughout the tournament, the total prize pool for the end of the tournament increases. Simply put, the more people playing, the bigger the prizes will get. The top 3 players with the most ranked points (seen on the leaderboard) will win the following percentages of the pool:

  • 1st: 65%
  • 2nd: 25%
  • 3rd: 10%

We’ll be adding 500 SKILL (~$1,100) to the starting pool to start the tournament. Then, from the beginning of the tournament (Friday) until the end (Sunday), players will be battling for a massive slice of SKILL rewards. Who knows, we could see a 1000+ SKILL prize pool in the end. Do you have what it takes to be a CryptoBlades PvP Champion? Let’s find out in the arena!

OEC PvP: Main Menu

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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!

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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!

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