CryptoBlades How-To-Tutorials: How To Claim Rewards via Multi-Farm

4 min readJan 10, 2022


In today’s video, we are bringing you a guide on how to claim rewards with the new CryptoBlades multi-farm system! The CryptoBlades multifarm is a feature brought to you through the CryptoBlades Knighthood program which allows our partners to provide their tokens for our rewards pools, and ultimately our players, to claim as rewards rather than SKILL. This relieves pressure off of SKILL as the previous single token for rewards and allows players to earn cool and exciting tokens from our partners all the while dramatically helping us achieve long-lasting and sustainable rewards.

CryptoBlades How-To-Claim Rewards:

What You Need to Know

To start, you will want to be in the CryptoBlades game. You will notice in the top left if you have rewards ready to be claimed after a few days of combat. If you’re new to the game and aren’t quite ready to claim rewards, check out our other tutorial videos on how to get started on your play-to-earn journey. Now, for a better view of what tokens can be claimed for rewards in the multifarm, you will want to click on the new Treasury tab across the top of the page. Here, you will notice the current tokens that we have in the multifarm. Currently, players can claim Seedify’s SFUND token, Skill, King, Bithotel’s BTH token, or Altura’s ALU token for rewards with many more tokens on the way! It is not essential for you to choose it here, but the payout currency tab allows you to choose which token you want to withdraw your rewards from. For more information on each token, you can click on the “more…” button below the token and read a short description and find a link to their website where you can learn even more about the token and project.

The first and foremost important aspect of claiming rewards is that you pay extra special attention to the multiplier in the middle of the token panel. What these multipliers do is regulate how many tokens are leaving the pool at the time, making sure that not too many are leaving before some come back in or the next batch is distributed for our partner tokens. This regulation is one of the major pillars and key drivers of sustainable, long-term, rewards and is why CryptoBlades will be around paying rewards long time.


As for the multipliers, when many people are claiming rewards quickly, the multiplier will lower. When people are not claiming rewards so quickly, the multiplier rises. The current algorithm is set that each multiplier raises by 4.16% an hour, or 100% a day. This technically means that if no one claimed any rewards for a full day, each multiplier would raise 100%, and taking SKILL for example, if no one claimed SKILL for a full day, the multiplier would be 1.76x, and you would receive 1.76x the amount of SKILL for the amount unclaimed skill you are withdrawing. If your unclaimed skill is worth $10, for this example, you would receive $17.60 worth of SKILL. The same logic applies if you were trying to claim BitHotel now. The multiplier is about .89x, which you would therefore receive .89x the amount of BTH compared to the value of your unclaimed skill.


Now, it’s time to claim rewards. I would prefer to wait to claim until a multiplier is a bit higher, but for the sake of this video, I am going to claim BTH. If you still need to add the token contract to your wallet so that you can see your tokens, you can click the add button here and move through the steps in metamask to add it.

One small bit of advice is to not claim your maximum amount of unclaimed SKILL but to leave just a tiny amount left in your wallet. If you do not, you will see an error as so. To claim, make sure to take a few decimal places away, click claim. After following the steps in metamask, you have claimed your rewards! If you are wanting to exchange partner tokens for BNB and then SKILL to accumulate more swords, shields, or characters, you can often go to your metamask, click on the token, and click swap, then you will be able to buy more SKILL after swapping to BNB!

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