CryptoBlades Kingdoms & BitBoy’s Pluto Alliance Form a Strategic Partnership: BitBoy Leads His Own CBK Guild & Mints Rare Weapons for His Followers

As many of you know, we are set to launch the next iteration in the CryptoBlades franchise. The upcoming CryptoBlades: Kingdoms is a guild vs guild strategy based game with massive play to earn potential. In this online multiplayer game, you can claim your land, build your kingdom, and defend it with your guild against attackers or pillage foreign lands. Our play to earn infrastructure is powered by our forthcoming $KING token, which will be listed on Pancake Swap this Saturday, October 2nd, 2021.

CryptoBlades: Kingdoms has caught the eye of many, and as such we have developed fruitful partnerships with illustrious teams in the NFT space.

Today, we are proud to announce our cooperation with one of the highest luminaries in the industry: BitBoy Crypto and his fantastic community at Pluto Alliance.

Pluto Alliance’s Impressive Origin

Pluto Alliance is the brainchild of cryptocurrency superstar, BitBoy, who has built an impressive community of 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and over 500,000 on Twitter. Pluto Alliance is an NFT project with strong community values, whereby the holders of their unique alien avatar NFTs are rewarded with community prizes, NFT gaming integrations, and utility across different projects. This provides true value to the most loyal BitBoy supporters.

Want to win one of these amazing NFT avatars? Enter here:

The Pluto Alliance Crosses Over Into Our CryptoBlades Universe: Will Anyone Be Able to Stop this Impressive Guild?

The Pluto Alliance community will embark on interplanetary travel to our CryptoBlades universe to prove their dominance in our upcoming Kingdoms game. Pluto Alliance NFT holders will be air dropped our highly sought after $KING token. Further, holders will be sent a RARE BitBoy exclusive NFT weapon to be used in PVP battles in CryptoBlades: Kingdoms. To solidify the partnership a plot of land in the game will be available for purchase exclusively to Pluto Alliance NFT holders who hold both $KING and the BitBoy weapon. This means that the BitBoy community will be able to form their own Guild in the game in close alliance with other community members and become a force to be reckoned with.

Will anyone be able to defeat the Pluto Alliance Guild? Will they create the greatest kingdom in the land? Will you beat them or join them?

All exciting answers which we will see unfold in the coming days. #YourKingdomsAwait #ConquerYourKingdom

To Celebrate This Planet Shattering Co-operation, BitBoy will be providing 10 Pluto Alliance NFT’s so YOU can also join their Guild.

To participate see here:

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