CryptoBlades Kingdoms KING token raises $4,000,000 in seed funding leading up to IDO this month

Over the past 6 weeks, our CryptoBlades Kingdoms 👑 team has been cultivating new partnerships with a number of DAOs, LaunchPads, and Crypto Funds to put together a fantastic IDO and Initial Land Sale. The following groups' founders and CEOs have made available their marketing teams, development teams, strategic partnerships, and their token investments to help make the full vision of CryptoBlades Kingdoms a reality:

And you would not believe how many are already SKILL holders and CryptoBlades ⚔️ players already! So they see the value we are able to add to existing SKILL holders and CryptoBlades NFTs by utilizing them in CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

As we ramp up to IDO, we will be seeing a lot of brand-new faces as our communities begin to converge. So as usual, let’s do our best to give them a warm welcome, answer any questions they have, and help them fasten their seatbelts before we launch to Beetlegeuse 🚀

If you want to learn more about CryptoBlades, follow us on our socials!

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