CryptoBlades Onboards to SKALE Network: Soft-launch Commences

4 min readJul 7, 2022

Announced on June 20, 2022, CryptoBlades officially began building on Skale Network. Today, July 6, 2022, the Riveted Games team is proud to share that they have started the onboarding process for their thousands of players to move to the gasless chain. A concrete date for full integration is not confirmed; however, as these first phases take place, it will be easier to gauge a date for completion. Step one begins with opening the CryptoBlades Drawbridge from BNB Chain to Skale. Then in the coming days, their more populated chains will follow. For now, the team has said that once the integration is complete, they will be celebrating this great accomplishment for both projects!

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How to Onboard

When CryptoBladers enter the game, they often begin at the character screen (also known as the plaza). If this is your first time playing, you can find CryptoBlades tutorial videos on the CryptoBlades YouTube Channel to help familiarize yourself as you move around the game. In addition, there will be a Skale-specific video coming as the full integration nears.

To begin bridging your CryptoBlades NFTs from BNB Chain to Skale, you will first start by clicking the menu button at the top right of the game page.

Once the menu is open, click settings to find your way to how we will add Skale, BNB Chain, or any other needed network.

Scroll down to the current chain option and select the one(s) you want to add to metamask. For example, if you are on BNB Chain and want to bridge to Skale, select Skale from the list, and Metamask will prompt you to add it to your list of networks.

After adding Skale to your Metamask, you will need to Switchback (in Metamask or through the options page) to BNB Chain where your NFTs reside. From there, open the menu again and click on NFT Bridge.

When Bridging CryptoBlades NFTs, you must send the NFT to your “Storage” within the Bridging tab. First, click on the NFT you want to send, then “Move NFT to Storage.”

Once your NFT is in Storage, you are ready to Bridge! At the bottom, you will see the NFT you moved from your inventory. Above, you will see the option to select the chain you wish to Bridge to. For this example, we are on CryptoBlades Testnet, where Bridging is unnecessary; however, for any users moving to Skale, the Skale (and all other) option(s) will be open.

Select the NFT you want to bridge.

Choose Skale as the “Target Chain”

Go to the top of the page below “Storage” and “Request Transfer”

Congratulations, you have successfully bridged your NFT to Skale Network!

To retrieve your NFT and start playing, switch your Metamask (or go back to the options menu) to Skale.

On Skale, you need to go to the NFT Bridge, open your Storage, and transfer the NFT to your inventory! From there, you are ready to play and earn on CryptoBlades! Don’t forget that you can claim SFUEL in CryptoBlades Discord which is used (essentially) for gas. Further updates and information on Skale will follow in the coming weeks.

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