CryptoBlades x Hololoot Interview Recap and Exclusive AR NFT Sale Details

3 min readApr 11, 2022


Following their Knighthood anointment, our CEO Philip Devine interviewed Hololoot’s own Maciej Szafarczyk (COO). Alongside learning about their project, we have collaborated on an innovative CryptoBlades x Hololoot AR NFT! Below is an outline of their conversation and our NFT sale details! This NFT has utility in the Hololoot augmented reality(AR) app and is also a special weapon for CryptoBlades players to use as an in-game sword! We have been itching to work with Hololoot on something like this, and it is finally here! Don’t miss your chance at one of our first dual project NFTs in the metaverse!

Hololoot launched six months ago after raising an impressive 3.3 million dollars. In the first three months, they had built their team and foundation, readying to move to development. Just three more months, and they are here today, forming partnerships with many high-caliper projects who also realize that the regularity of AR in our lives is not too far away.

Essentially, Hololoot has developed a cloud service that can be accessed and used from various devices. Anyone looking to upload 3d models and turn them into NFTs can do so easily as they are sent to the Unity-based AR app (no coding knowledge is needed). What Hololoot strives for is to allow everyone access to its infrastructure. If anyone wants to move into AR, they stand welcoming with open arms. Although concrete information is not yet sharable, Szafarczyk leaks that not too distant into the future, we may see AR glasses available for purchase. Something like this could open the doors to a spacial operational system with users’ ability to interact with AR holograms through hand tacking. Imagine you can play board games with your friends or tower defense strategy games on your kitchen table, something easily achievable with this technology.

Even though their vision is incredible, it’s not ideas and inspiration alone that drive them forward. It is also the team they’ve built, trusting and delivering, alongside the great partnerships they have formed. “From all of the crypto projects we interact with, your community (CryptoBlades) is the most active…we are very happy to align and create something” Szafarczyk exclaims. It’s working relationships like these that help both projects grow, develop, and make an everlasting imprint in the crypto and metaverse worlds.

Continue reading for details on the exclusive NFT collaboration sale!

How to Participate and Obtain Your AR NFT

Launching on April 11th, the CryptoBlades x Hololoot limited edition NFT (100 max supply) will be sold directly from the Hololoot marketplace, integrated into the Hololoot application on IOS.

Details on their application and how to download it can be found here:

Just in case, we’ve also added the direct link to download below; however, we encourage you to read their article and learn more about the incredible things they’ve been working on:

To purchase the NFT, you will need to have around 715 HOL tokens ($100) in your connected wallet. After your purchase is complete, you will have your sword in the app and the Hololoot team will collect your wallet address to send it to the CryptoBlades team. Then, within 24 hours, we will send the CryptoBlades weapon NFT to you!

We are so fortunate to be working alongside Hololoot and have the ability to co-create this fantastic event! Follow us on our social platforms, as joint and unique updates about our events and projects will be posted there!

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