HECO Mainnet is now live for CryptoBlades! Learn how to bridge crypto from BSC to HECO below!

The CryptoBlades team has been working with the ButterSwap Decentralized Exchange to provide bridging services, liquidity provision, farming (soon to go live), NFT offerings and more. They are an energetic and committed team who has helped us every step of the way.

To utilize ButterSwap to bridge tokens to HECO, we have provided the following instructions. Note, this tutorial assumes you already have a metamask or equivalent wallet.

On the main menu of ButterSwap, select Bridge and you will be taken to their bridge interface, powered by ISwap. This will allow you to trade your BSC BNB for HECO HT Tokens.

After connecting your BSC wallet, hit the circled icon and select HECO and HT.

After your transaction completes, switch to HECO Mainnet and select Exchange in the ButterSwap main menu. In the token swap interface, enter:


In the search box and click Add Token. In the future this will automatically show up without typing an address.

Now you’re ready to buy some SKILL and start taking advantage of all that HECO has to offer!