How The $KING Token Finds Immense Value Through NFTs, And Why You Need It? CryptoBlades Playable RPG Characters, Taking NFTs to a New Level

5 min readOct 1, 2021

The #1 Trend Within Cryptocurrency Forcing Mass Adoption

NFTs and Decentralized Games (DeGames) have never been more popular, and are arguably the most trending niches within the entirety of cryptocurrency. As of August 28th, 2021, over $1.7 billion USD worth of NFT sales have already occurred in only a month’s time, with $847.7 million of those sales being directly related to NFT in-game assets from DeGames.

Monotony Drives Lack of Adherence

While DeGames require both NFTs and an in-game currency to operate a fully functional decentralized marketplace that allows earning of real-world money, the majority of DeGames on the market do not go past the simple utility of these two assets. The conventional DeGame digitizes their NFT to be used as in-game assets, and the in-game currency is consumed to run the blockchain activity necessary to undergo any action with the actual gameplay.

However, beyond powering the action of an NFT with a DeGame’s native token, there lacks any incentive to strategize how one should allocate their NFTs or in-game currency so as to maximize their profit margins. This ultimately leads to monotonous gameplay that causes users to simply engage in order to capitalize on the game’s Play-to-Earn model, and will easily opt-out of the DeGame once earnings reduce, or another DeGame is willing to provide better monetary rewards for their time in-game.

Make Your Salary Through Undertaking Enticing Gameplay

CryptoBlades Kingdoms (CBK) does not fall into this trap of only constructing the financial backend to our DeGame; We have created an MMO DeGame that is highly engaging for every player. This is in an effort to promote adherence of our players to our DeGame, which will maintain the stability of our internal economy, as well as ensure that players can earn profits while playing.

Let’s get into several examples where strategic planning and execution must be undertaken by a player in CryptoBlades Kingdoms, and how this exclusivity of decision making amongst committed players can enhance monetary rewards to these specific groups.

Expertizing in CryptoBlades Enhances Profitability for Every Aspect of the DeGame

As every in-game decision requires the consumption of our native token KING, one must strategically analyze their character and weapon NFTs to see if their decision, such as raiding a dungeon, will be economically beneficial. By incentivizing players to consider the NFT utility-to-KING consumption ratios, for complex problems within the CryptoBlades World, provides unique scenarios where players can essentially leverage their tokens for more lucrative NFT rewards. Successful outcomes of strategic decision-making could even increase your odds of getting into a reputable guild that requires thoughtful gameplay action!

An example of a strategic undertaking that would be monetarily fruitful could involve:

Let’s now take the example of when a player, who is becoming intermediately leveled in-game, starts to expand from their single village in an effort to build up their empire within the CBK World!

Strategy Creating Profitability Example #1

As one has more villages scattered around the lands of CBK, one will need to decide where their KING will be allocated most to, so as to prioritize the upgrading and, therefore, usability of specific village’s building capacities, unit recruitment speed, their associated combat abilities, etc. The players also have to consider the relative positioning of their villages to each other for co-op raiding purposes, positioning near dungeons for more convenient PVE access, strength of their neighbors so as to resist being pillaged frequently, amongst other variables that will become intuitive once players start to take part inside the CryptoBlades World.

Strategy Creating Profitability Example #2

While KING utilization must be considered for solo strategic gameplay, one also needs to consider their in-game actions in relation to other Guild members’ decisions.

For example, a decision to traverse to a dungeon may only be economically viable to do so if a guild member is at home nearby to help support your village(s) while you are away. Otherwise, you could just lose more resources from being pillaged than you would have gained from completing the dungeon.

The Kingdom’s Horizon is Upon Us

CBK makes you think twice about every decision in-game, and by doing so, provides a high degree of profitability potential for players who decide to expertise in-game. To skyrocket the profit margins for users further, players in CBK are highly incentivized to build strong partnerships through guild formation, so as to unlock Play-to-Earn rewards in-game that isn’t otherwise possible individually.

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