KING is Now Exclusively Used For Buying CBK Land: 250% Gains Last Week Despite Market Meltdown

2 min readFeb 21, 2022


CryptoBladers, the time has come to close the door on allowing players to buy CryptoBlades: Kingdoms land with SKILL. From here on out, CBK lands will only be purchasable with our KING token. Simply speaking, this brings added utility to the token and will create buying pressure, all the while helping us gear up for the next steps for CBK! There is a ton coming down the pipeline that will absolutely shock you. Rumors have swept through our discord, telegrams, and socials over the last week, and the KING chart shows how excited people are. If you want to keep up and not miss any of the news, teasers, and important information, make sure to follow us and join one of our community platforms to talk with us and stay informed!

To celebrate this milestone, we are hosting a giveaway of $1000 KING! Follow the link and Givelab steps to enter:

About Lands

CBK Lands are essential in CryptoBlades Kingdoms for generating resources, housing your armies, and protecting your kingdom! All Lands will have tiers, I, II, or III with increasingly greater benefits that will help you conquer your enemies and build YOUR empire!

Land NFT in CryptoBlades Kingdoms are resource-packed, allowing you to gather materials and grow your Kingdom alone or with your friends! Tier 1 lands will be placed within a random chunk of the map. Tier 2 allows you to choose the chunk that you want to place your land in. Tier 3 lands also allow you to choose the chunk, but there’s only one per chunk!

*Everyone who purchases a tier 2 or tier 3 land will need to come to the CryptoBlades marketplace. Under the “specials’’ tab you will be able to select land placement on the map. The wallet holding the land will need to be connected to CryptoBlades.

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