Oasis joins the CryptoBlades Knighthood program.

Today, we are proud to announce that ProjectOasis is the first project to join the CryptoBlades Knighthood Program! The Knighthood program is designed to highlight, support, and grow BSC gaming projects on the CryptoBlades platform. With this incubation, the ProjectOasis team has taken on Philip Devine as the role of both advisor and investor! Furthermore, all CryptoBladers will have the choice to earn $OASIS through CryptoBlades as an alternative to $SKILL, as well as use it in the CryptoBlades marketplace to purchase your NFTs.

Philip Devine, owner of Riveted Games, developer of CryptoBlades, has owned and operated Riveted Games since 2014. He has released multiple award-winning titles on Steam, the world’s largest game marketplace, as well as independently. Philip is a developer at heart and has carefully built his team based on their past experience in gaming and blockchain development.

CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG that revolves around the acquisition of legendary blades while levelling and battling with powerful knights. Players may participate in combat using their assets to earn $SKILL (or $OASIS) tokens. Assets are player-owned NFTs minted to the ERC-721 standard and may be traded on the proprietary marketplace. CryptoBlades utilizes a play-to-earn model by distributing SKILL through gameplay and giving value to player NFTs by increasing their use through future features.

As an advisor of the project, Philip has led multiple discussions regarding the know-hows of launching a new project, proper steps for marketing, as well as potential roadblocks to be aware of. His experience from launching two successful projects back to back has brought just the right knowledge that ProjectOasis can use to build a strong foundation as their train leaves the station.

We have multiple plans regarding our integration with the Oasis Metaverse. Together we will be setting a benchmark on future gameFi integrations in Oasis and we are extremely excited to be on this journey together!

Our CEO Philip Devine will be streaming at 11:30 EST on Twitch!
Please check out the CB x Oasis Stream at: https://www.twitch.tv/kroge_cb

If you want to learn more about CryptoBlades, follow us on our socials!

KING and SKILL both listed at:

🐒 ApeSwap

🥞 PancakeSwap

🏦 LBank

SKILL also listed at:

MEXC Global


🚪 Gate.io

👛 CoinEx


👑 Cryptoblade Kingdoms Website

⚔️ Official Cryptoblades Website

📖 Learn How to Play Cryptoblades here

Social Media:

📺 YouTube

📘 Facebook

🕊️ Twitter

📰 Medium

🎮 Discord

Telegram Channels:

📱👑 Cryptoblades Kingdoms News Channel

📱⚔️ Cryptoblades News Channel

📱‍🤝‍ Cryptoblades_General Chat




CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!

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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!

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