One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap For CryptoBlades: Welcome To Omnus

CryptoBladers, It is our honor to welcome you to the CryptoBlades mediverse: Omnus. Omnus is the CryptoBlades metaverse full of new and exciting blockchains projects ready to be explored by you! The first feature comes to CryptoBlades, being the Omnus Multifarm. This will allow players a slew of means to claim rewards not just in SKILL, but also in participating partner tokens!

1. Tokens earned from fighting can be claimed as partner tokens that we will be running periodically.

2. As time goes on, you can claim more of the partner token (to make sure we distribute it all), the exchange rate is supposed to be favorable for the user in terms of the raw value.

3. Partner tokens claimed will release the Skill tokens back into the reward pool since they did not get claimed as skill (this will help the hourly allowances keep going longer).

This is only one of the many new features in development that will be deploying soon! The first project available for multifarm rewards is our partner, ProjectOasis’ $OASIS token. Players can claim Oasis rather than Skill for rewards! That Skill will then be recycled back into the rewards pool which players who want to claim Skill can then do so!

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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!