The Partnership Heard Around the World: $20k CBT Added to CryptoBlades Multi-Farm

This week, CryptoBlades onboarded another Knighthood Member, CryptoBattles. With this partnership, $20,000 worth of CBT (2,500,000 CryptoBattles Tokens) has been added to BNB Chain Multi-Farm. The reward pool is set to go live in the coming days, and players will be able to claim CBT for rewards in the game.

About CryptoBattles

“CryptoBattles is a web-based blockchain PVP game launched on Binance Smart Chain that is playable on PC and mobile devices (via MetaMask App). The game’s core revolves around rewarding players with in-game tokens and crypto rewards after playing the PVP duels and tournaments against other players. Before each match, you make the best and start the opponent search. After the opponent is found battle starts. You earn 1.8x of your bet if you win the fight and the additional reward in in-game tokens that will be used for in Play2Earn activities. CryptoBattles charges the 10% fee from each bet and stores it in a fee pool that will be used to claim the rewards by CBT stakers and future project development. In addition, players will be able to get unique NFT game skins, use them in-game and trade them on an open marketplace. They can also win CBT tokens in tournaments or buy them on the open market to stake and earn rewards from the project fee pool.

Our vision is for gamers to regain control of their digital assets, Play2Earn, and increase the adoption of blockchain technology in their everyday lives. Our mission is to provide a fun and profitable experience for our players, create a healthy and excited community around blockchain gaming, and build an ecosystem of Play2Earn systems to meet the needs of all gamers around the world. The team chooses to remain anonymous in the spirit of DEFI, but all Smart Contract codes are open-source for full transparency” (CryptoBattles Whitepaper).

For more information on CryptoBattles, follow them on Twitter and visit their website!

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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!

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CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn NFT RPG developed by Riveted Games. The game revolves around the acquisition of legendary Blades and the powerful Heroes!

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