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Incubated by Seedify and developed by the Cryptoblades Team, Cryptoblades Kingdoms (CBK) is a metamorphosis of the current Cryptoblades game into an exciting strategy-based land building MMORPG metaverse. Cryptoblades Kingdoms dares to push the limits of what one might imagine a blockchain game can be.

The Cryptoblades Kingdoms Metaverse

The Cryptoblades Kingdoms metaverse will feature lands, buildings and guilds, new gameplay modes, like raid mechanisms, PvP, PvE and dungeons, which will create an immersive gaming experience that both blockchain gamers and non-blockchain gamers will want to dive into.

Existing on a 1000 x 1000 grid map, CBK will feature different land tiers, each with varying resources and advantages in the game. Different territories will include different mechanics. Some areas will be friendly or neutral, while other parts will be designated for player versus player and guild versus guild gameplay. PvP territory lands will boast unique resources and advantages, making ownership and acquisition much more appealing.

Cryptoblades Kingdoms Map

The base names of the territories are; Empty, Friendly, Hostile, Barbarian and Abandoned.

While some of the lands will be available to be purchased, the most resourceful, and danger-inviting lands will only be accessible through raids.

The land system will play a vital role in governing the game’s base economy through the mechanics and varying resources and advantages in the different territories. Opening up the way for advanced trading mechanisms to take place.

Players’ level of involvement in game will play a critical role in the rewards and items they can access, through various mechanics, such as PvP, PvE, GvG and event based systems. In simple terms: The higher the commitment level and risk you take, the higher the rewards you can reap in CBK.


At the onset of their adventures into Cryptoblades Kingdoms, new players will receive their own village on a customized piece of land in a random territory in the Kingdoms.

Through in-depth PvP combat, treacherous dungeons and meticulously designed PvE battles, players will then endeavor to build and strengthen their village through the gathering of resources and the raiding and pillaging of other villages.

Strategy and commitment to learning the game mechanics will be paramount in earning rewards through combat and success during raids. Players will need to plan arduously, considering the stats of the village they are attacking and the strengths and susceptibilities of their own heroes, armies and equipment before engaging in battle. Since the Cryptoblades Kingdoms rewards mechanisms place a significant degree of importance on the previously mentioned approach to gameplay, players who employ strategy and efforts to learn the game mechanics will have the ability to substantially increase their earnings.


Any player will be able to join a guild. This will create scenarios where players can build new friendships and teams to access features only attainable through group play. Further invaluable incentives of being part of a guild are; the ability to receive rare and legendary items, collaborating on raids, gaining access to exclusive dungeons, support for your village when attacked and having someone you trust keep an eye on your village. To further create incentives to engage in group strategy and game-play, guild quests will feature high reward opportunities.

By combining advanced land building mechanics, enhanced earning potential based on strategic game-play and incentivized social aspects through guilds and group collaboration, CBK is poised to explode into the gaming cryptosphere. Through daily, special event, and guild quests, CBK will be able to gather a significant, dedicated and excited user base that engages on a daily basis to maximize and take advantage of the play-to-earn opportunities the Cryptoblades Kingdoms metaverse has to offer.

The KING Token and the CBK Economy

The KING token is the life force of the CBK economy. Used for in-game purchases and rewards, KING will be the medium of exchange for in-game transactions.

In-game items like lands, resources, and items come in the form of NFTs and will be tradable and sellable.

To maintain a healthy and sustainable economy within Cryptoblades Kingdoms, every in-game transaction, e.g. sale of land or equipment will result in a deflationary event through a built-in burn mechanism which will burn KING tokens.

Contrary to most games that employ a strategy which results in more items and tokens being produced, CBK will implement ‘game sinks’ through PvP and PvE. This will be imperative in achieving a realistic and improving economy while simultaneously maintaining an enhanced, immersive game experience as the user base grows. So PvPs in the hostile lands will come with higher risk to lose certain items, but also higher rewards to gain even better resources and items, as well as resourceful lands to build your kingdom upon!

Of course, for players who just want a chill game experience, PvE areas, non-hostile areas will be there, with less game-sinks.

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